Saturday, October 27, 2007

Generating Sitemap for your site

Today I gave it another try to generate the site-map for the Web Portal I am working on.

You don't really need to have the Access to the Command line for Python Scripting in the Server nor do you need to have the capability to run Python scripts in the Server.

Here are the steps that I followed to achieve this.

Downloaded the sitemap_gen Project files from Sourceforge referred from Google's Webmaster Pages at Google Sitemap Generator

You will require Python installed in your system. visit Python Home page to download and install it In my case it was already installed.

Follow the steps mentioned at to configure the config file.

Here I used my local site information instead of the real site as I did not have access to the Server to run a Python script.

The Sitemap generator checks your server logs and checks the files system to generate the site map. I configured for all these information required.

Now when I run the script it created a few links in the sitemap as the Server log had very few urls.

At this point I download a Link Checker from
you can use any link checker. This is just so that I will run it to create enough log information in the log file so that they will be included sitemap generator when creating the sitemap.

Here I did a number of trial and error to exclude what was not required and after a few iteration when I I was done with creating the Sitemap by running the Python script up to my satisfaction I replaced the local urls with the Actual urls and then uploaded the file sitemap.xml and submitted the same to Google.


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