Monday, November 5, 2007

Getting Eclipse to Work on Ubuntu

Getting Eclipse to wiork on Ubuntu for all my Development Work proved to be very tricky.
There are issues related to permission compatibility and what not.

Here is what worked for me.
After installing and uninstalling Eclipse and deleting the Workspace for quite a few times, I first removed all the Packages with the search term eclipse from the Synaptic Package Manager (Top Bar -> System Menu -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager)

Then I used the steps as explained in the iteratively documented tutorial at Ubuntuforum in the following url

After doing this, the first time I run the Editor from the terminal with the following command
rungss@rungss-ubuntu: eclipse -clean

then I included the following Update sites
name="Subclipse Subversion Plugin" url=""
name="The Eclipse 3.3 Project Updates" url=""
name="Europa Discovery Site" url=""
name="PDT Updates" url=""
name="Web Tools Platform (WTP) Updates" url=""

By default there were two sites

name="The Eclipse Project Updates" url=""
name="Callisto Discovery Site" url=""

Here is the link of Update Site Bookmarks which you can import through the Eclipse Update manager.

Note: be careful with the ending /(slash) for the site urls enter them as is in the above list. Its strange that for some sites the end "/" is valid while not for others.

Then I searched for Updates..

Upon the listing of all available features I selected a few based on my preferences. The following is the list of them
  • Subclipse Plugin from Subclipse Update site
  • PDT features and PDT SDK features from the PDT Update Site
  • Eclipse 3.3 from the Eclipse 3.3 Project Update Site.(I like the view in 3.3 where you can minimize all panels and view any one of them as you wish irrespective of the Perspective you are viewing the Editor)
  • WTP from Europa Site and some other CVS related features.
While selecting these features I clicked on the Select Required button when I saw any error for incompatibility in selected features.

Next I signed the Agreements and when Saving them I selected the folder "/usr/local/lib/eclipse" to install features where it was in any other Directory than the base installation location (Basically wherever it permitted to do so.)
This is done so that other users can also use them. Advise taken from the article at

That is all This seems to work for me.
Here are the various webpages that I reviewed many a times during the whole process

PS: The strategy to install plugins in the directory /usr/local/lib/eclipse again had some problems. Was getting an error message saying conflict entries..
I guess what happened is some of the files(a part of some plugin was exisitng in both the directory usr/lib/eclipse and usr/local/lib/eclipse) or may be because i installed Eclipse 3.3 on Eclipse 3.2 I have started the Eclipse 3.3 updation right now and wil realize if thats what the problem was in some time. Will update the post.

So I had to uninstall the Eclipse again and then I reinstalled. But to my Surprise I got the same error again(Conflict..)
I later realized that this was because when I installed it after uninstalling it... It was basically installed from the cache on the Local Computer..

So I run the following command to first clear the cache

apt-get clean

Thanks to teh article at

And then I reinstalled eclipse with the following the steps at the Page

Lets see how it goes now...

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