Monday, October 22, 2007

Test for Automatic Posting to your Other Blog at Blogger

This is the first test for posting your Blog to multiple Blogs at Blogger.

What I am going to do is to set this Blog to send an email to me whenever I Publish a Post in this Blog.

The email Account I have set to send the Blog Post to is a Gmail Account which has the filtering capability.

All mails that are sent on Publishing of new Posts have the Subject field in the format [<Blog Title>] <Post Subject>. I will create a filter in my Google account to filter these emails and forward them to the Mail-to-Blogger Address(an address by which you can post to your blog via email.) for the Other Blog. selecting the radio button labeled Save emails as draft posts so that I can make changes to the posts before publishing in the Other account. Not sure though this might not be required. let's see..

This should do the trick and make a post to the other Blogger account.

PS: hmmm didn't work. Gmail not forwarding the mail to Blogger. Tried various tricks but with no luck. May be will try again later. DO comment if you find any solution.

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