Sunday, January 6, 2008

DZone Links Aggregator for Web Development on LAMP and AJAX

Hey, I am not interested in your story, Subscribe me to the feed straightaway.

1) Irrelevant result for all links
I was subscribed to the DZone recent links to the feeds at and my Google reader was getting flooded with new items every few minutes and I was noticing that I was getting items which aren't relevant to me.

2) Subscribe to the Tags by visiting individual pages for each tags and subscribe to them:
Hence I tried to find a way to subscribe to each tag that I am interested in php, javascript and subscribed to them. But the Problem here is that if two links are submitted for both of the tags in my list I get repetitive entries...

3) Yahoo Pipes to the rescue.
I created a new Pipe in Yahoo Pipes with the following components in it.

A) A Feed fetcher which fetches the following feeds:

B) The output is fed into an Operator Unique which filters non unique items based on

C) The output of B is fed into an Operator Sort which sorts the item by item.pubDate on Descending Order.

The out put of the C is what you get in the feed at

There are other similar attempts and a list of that can be found at

Please write in the Comments if you feel any other tags from DZone should be included here. Or any other thought to make it more useful.